Consciousness the Heart of Your Reality

We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness. – Thich Nhat Hanh

Consciousness is the life within us that makes us alive, what is it that is the difference between someone who is alive and someone who is dead, life isn’t it?

This life within us is the gift of consciousness. Most of us think we are mind and body, we are aware of our mind, body and outward circumstances, but why is it that you always say my mind or my body, you never say me mind or me body, right!!!

The mind and body are your experience, the one who is experiencing the mind and the body is consciousness.

The body and mind come alive because of consciousness. This consciousness is you experiencing the mind and body.

At the outer levels our awareness is of being the mind and body but at the deepest levels we are purely consciousness, abundant and prosperous by nature.

There is only one consciousness, pure consciousness is the primordial intelligence from which all creation comes forth, the creation of the planets, the universes and the galaxies.  You are that very same Consciousness.

The outer layers of mind and body delude us from knowing our true nature.

How can we experience pure Consciousness, we can experience pure consciousness by allowing the thoughts in our mind to settle. With an empty mind, beyond the thoughts in the silence you will experience consciousness.

It’s like muddy water that has shaken up, once we let the mud to settle we can see the clarity of the water, similarly once we let the mud of our thoughts to settles we can experience the purity of ourselves.

Try this small experiment and experience it for yourself:

For just 1 minute, instead of reacting to your thoughts become a witness of your thoughts. Doesn’t matter what thoughts you get, do not react to them, just witness them and you will see that the thoughts slowly fade away.

When you are able to do this, you will see that you are not your thoughts, you are different from your thoughts, you are the one who is experiencing the thoughts.

As you reduce the number of thoughts in your mind and reach deeper levels of yourself you get closer to the divine or the universal source, and you will feel inner peace and strength.

There is only one consciousness. This one consciousness gives life to all the humans, plants, animals, and all other living species.

Only humans are the ones that can understand or become aware of being consciousness, as being alive.

This supreme universal consciousness has given form to the individual consciousness as you and me.

The individual consciousness’s put together is the collective consciousness.

The higher consciousness is the Universal Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness.

The highest is the Supreme Consciousness; the ultimate state of oneness from which we all of us come forth.

Consciousness enables creating; you must meditate to experience higher states of consciousness and realize your gift to manifest anything you desire.