[Lesson 2] – What is your Awareness?

Are you Aware of what you want in Life? Are you aware of the things you have in Life?

Good questions, HUH!!! Most people have an idea of what a good life is, but most of them do not ask for these good things to be in their own life.

They are busy focusing on what they don’t have in life, so busy that they even forget about the awesome things and people they have in their lives.

Focusing your awareness on what you don’t have in life, is being Aware of Lack, being aware of lack manifests Lack.

Shift your awareness to abundance and change your life, awareness of abundance, will manifest abundance in your life.

To manifest, first you must know clearly what you want to manifest.

Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything. -Napoleon Hill

Once you are aware of what you want to accomplish in life; you start seeing the opportunities to make these desires a reality, then as you take action, these desires will be a manifested reality.

Become aware of what you want, to be true in your life, your desires will then be manifested as your reality by the sub-conscious mind and the Universe.

When you become aware that your desires are true; the Sub-Conscious and the Universe shape up for making this desire a reality for you, you will know what action you must take in co-creating your reality; when the time is right. As you take inspired action your desire will become a reality effortlessly.

The universe is vibrational, it carries all energies, energies of abundance and energies of lack, these energies co-exist, the energies that you are aware of will become your reality.

Awareness of energies of lack and so will be your reality.

Awareness of energies of abundance and so will be your reality.

What has been your Awareness till Now?

Have you ever observed what thoughts you give your attention and awareness to, what are the thoughts that are prevalent in your mind and how they are affecting your consciousness?

To illustrate this let me present a small experiment that I conducted, I asked few of my friends this simple question, what is it you want from life?

Here is the answer from 2 of them, most others answered in a similar fashion:

Answer 1 – This a friend living in Mumbai, he told me, Santosh I work from 9 – 7, Start my day at 7, get ready, go to work, reach my office, go through the day-to-day job, then leave office and reach back home at 10, after that I have dinner and I am ready to hit the bed so that I can continue with this routine tomorrow, I can only dream after that, I hit the bed so hard that there’s nothing else I can do.

Plus my Boss is so strict, if I get to office 5 minutes late there is a penalty, and in the evening if I don’t do my chores for home then there will be a problem at home, my kids will have a problem at school.

So I am too busy to think about what i want in life, it’s impossible then why think about it?

Answer 2 – I asked another friend the same, she had a similar account, she said Santosh, I get up in the morning, get my children to get ready to go to school, cook for everyone, then get ready and go to work.

When I come back home from work I have to get my children’s home work done, then cooking and eating, and after such a hectic day I can only think of crashing hard, where do I have the time to even think of what are the things i can do for myself?

I don’t want my children to do badly in school and I don’t want my work to suffer because of my responsibilities at home. So you see there is no time at all, how do i think about what i want in life?

Does it sound familiar?

Most people are so caught up in the rat race of life that they never have time to think how their life should be.

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans -John Lenon

A lot of people spend time thinking what they don’t want,

I don’t want to be late or my boss will penalize me,

I don’t want to have a problem at home,

I don’t want my children to do badly at school or

I don’t want to be bad at my work.

I don’t want way of thinking is NEGATIVE,

Negative thinking gives negative energy, Negative energy saps your energy through negative emotions such as fear, etc. and gets you tired and de-vitalized.

Have you ever noticed when things are not going right for you, how tired your body gets?

Let’s POSITIVIZE the above thoughts; it’s a small shift in focus.

I don’t want to be late -> I want to be on Time to Work

I don’t want to have a problem at home -> I want to have a great relationship with everyone at home

I don’t want my children to do badly at school -> I want to support my children to do excellent in school

I don’t want to be bad at my work -> I want to do excellent at my work

We have just re-written the thought with a POSITIVE perspective,without changing its meaning; we only changed the PERSPECTIVE or the FOCUS from NEGATIVE to POSITIVE.

Feel your own energy when you read the Negative set of thoughts vs. when you read the positive set of thoughts.

Negative thinking creates negative energy and gets you tired, Positive thinking creates positive energy and enhances your energy, enables you to accomplish more.

Shift your focus to what you want [POSITIVE]?

Do Not think, what you don’t want [NEGATIVE]?

Write down what you want in life, yes do it right now!!!

Now here is where you start turning your life around:

  • Take a sheet of A4 size paper.
  • Take a pen
  • Make two columns
  • Mark the left column as “I want in life”
  • Mark the right column as “I don’t want in life”

Fill it up. Take a minute for each column. Write down all that comes to your mind.

Be specific about what you want, for example you can say:

Goal 1 – I want to make lots of money.

Goal 2 – I want to find the girl / boy of my dreams.

Goal 3 – I want to be my ideal weight, healthy, fit and glowing.

Goal 4 – I want to buy a flat facing the sea and watch the sunset every day.

Goal 5 – I want to gift a car to my wife on our next wedding anniversary.

Now write down what you don’t want:

I don’t want to fail in my exams.

I don’t want to break-off with my girlfriend.

I don’t want to be in Debt.

I don’t want to feel sick.

Now change the Focus of all the “I don’t want goals” to “I want goals”:

I don’t want to fail in my exams – change this to a new Goal as – I want to pass with flying colors in my exams.

I don’t want to break-off with my girlfriend – change this to a new Goal as – I want to have a fabulous and loving relationship with my girlfriend.

I don’t want to be in Debt – change this to a new Goal as – I want to be Financially Independent and Abundant.

I don’t want to feel sick – change this to a new Goal as –I want to be Fit, Strong and Healthy.

I don’t like my Job, I want to change it – I want to be in a wonderful Job.

Great job, now that you understand the importance of awareness and how important it is to focus on the right thoughts, the next step is to change these goals to Affirmations.