[Lesson 4] – The Subconscious Mind

The Subconscious Mind is the powerhouse you possess which will make true whatever you impress upon it. The Sub-Conscious mind is also the store house of all experiences, everything that has transpired in ones life is recorded in the subconscious.

We must become aware of the new desires to be true to manifest them, but when you do this your old beliefs will be a mental block towards you being aware of your new reality.

Initially you will see that it’s not easy to shift to the new awareness, the old awareness persists.

Through life we go through various experiences, good and bad, these experiences settle down in the subconscious mind as beliefs.

Beliefs could be gathered from our home, school, family, friends, teachers, and every other place and person where we have had an experience.

Based on our experiences every individual will become aware of  herself or himself as “I AM RICH”, “I AM Not Lucky with Money”, “I AM Loved”, “I AM so Lonely”, “I Hate Myself”, “I am a failure”, “I Fall in Love Easily”, or “I am Healthy and Fit”

Whatever awareness is persisted is burnt into the subconscious as a belief.

Now when you trying to shift the awareness to the new awareness the old beliefs will prevail; hampering you from shifting to the new awareness.

These Beliefs in the Subconscious change when we keep becoming aware of the new awareness to be true.

To understand this better lets take an example, let’s say there is a person who has had several financial setbacks and has always had difficulties with money. Such a person would be aware of himself or herself as “I AM Not lucky with Money”, “I always have difficulties with Money”.

This awareness is burnt in the Subconscious as a belief.

With this as the awareness of the person, the reality of this person in the Manifested Universe would be of Lack of Money or un-ease with money.

Now to change this condition, this individual needs to be aware that “I make more than enough money for all my needs”, “I am wealthy and rich”.

When she/he would try to shift their awareness, then the old beliefs of being aware “I AM Not lucky with Money”, “I always have difficulties with Money” would prevail and would not allow the person to become aware as herself/himself as rich.

Practice the process of Auto-Suggestion with your affirmations, Become aware of yourself enjoying and living your desires, your awareness will slowly shift to the new awareness.

Then the new awareness will be manifested by the sub-conscious mind and the universe.

When this new awareness will be persisted in our consciousness, it will then be burnt to the sub-conscious.

Then your new awareness will become an habit.

It is psychological law that whatever we desire to accomplish we must impress upon the subjective or subconscious mind. ~Orison Swett Marden