[Lesson 7] – Meditation

Meditation is the practice of knowing your true self, beyond the clutter of the mind deep within lies your spirit or the invisible self. As you meditate and clear the clutter of your mind, slowly you will start feeling and experiencing your true self.

As you experience the true self you will raise your vibration and expand your awareness,  this will enable to accomplish far more than you usually do, further to this mediation is excellent for you to manage your thoughts which is necessary for the Law of Attraction.

By the Law of Attraction, your manifested outcome it a basis of the thoughts you think. Meditation helps you gain enough power to manage your mind, it teaches you the importance of allowing your thoughts rather than rejecting them. Once you have learned this life will never be the same again, it would have improved forever.

In the previous chapter we have understood how we can change what we are being aware of. As you do so, the old thinking patterns will keep surfacing. To manage these thoughts you need ‘WILL’ power and ‘INNER STRENGTH’ to let-go of these thoughts and allow them to slowly vanish.

The ‘WILL’ and ‘INNER STRENGTH’ is strengthened through meditation by connecting to deeper levels of your spiritual Consciousness.

How to meditate?

Here’s a simple way to start meditation:

  • Find a quiet place where you are not disturbed.
  • Close your eyes and relax your mind and body.
  • Let go of all the stress and all that you are holding in your mind for this moment.
  • As you release all the stress in your mind, you will feel the body to be much relaxed.
  • As you do this, initially, the thoughts will set in.
  • Allow these thoughts, do not react to the thought, reacting to the thought creates a new thought and a new reason to react, then you react to this new thought and this again creates another thought, and so on and so forth, and you get caught in the thought spiral.
  • These thoughts must slowly be replaced with silence.
  • There is silence in the space between the thoughts.
  • Slowly let the thoughts settle down and let the space between the thoughts grow.
  • The skill you have to develop is to allow these thoughts to arise and instead of reacting to them be a silent witness to them.
  • Do not worry that the thoughts arise, worrying about them gives strength to the thought and weakens you.
  • Just allow the thought to arise and be a silent witness to it instead of reacting to it, as you completely allow the thought to arise in your mind without bothering about it, the thought will disappear.
  • Place your attention or focus in the space between the thoughts or in the silence.
  • Over time, you will reduce the number of thoughts and will increase the space between the thoughts.
  • In this space between the thoughts you will find Peace, Inner Strength and astounding Will Power.
  • As you continue this process you will gain Inner Strength and the Will to manage your mind.
  • Over time you will completely empty your mind of all the unnecessary thoughts.
  • Start by doing this for 5 minutes a day, then grow it to 10, 15, 20,…. minutes a day as per your comfort.

As you practice this, gradually your distracting thoughts will subside, you will realize that you are not your thoughts and you will experience a sense of inner peace, inner strength, joy and relaxation.

As you meditate and reduce the number of thoughts in your mind, your potency will increase manifold and you will be far more effective in everything you do.

The above method mentioned is what I use for meditation, it takes some time and regular practice to clear the mind and experience the inner self. You can speed-up the process of meditation using HOLOTHINK which will enable you to attain deep spiritual levels through meditation quickly and effectively.