Why we do not manifest our desires

There is a ton of information you have read about the law of attraction and manifesting. You have been persistently practicing the principles that you have studied about the Law of Attraction.

You work hard to get the law of attraction to work for you, you are regular with your affirmations, auto-suggestion, visualization, you manage to manifest something once in a while so you know that the process works, but some how you are still not able to put this knowledge and practice to manifest the bigger things in your life.

The reason for this is, more than often we focus on our minds wants than our hearts desires.

Think about it, what are the things that you truly desire?

Most often we say that we want money or love, but why is it that you want money or love?

Most probably you will have a list of things you would like to do, when you have the money or love in your life.

But what is it that you will feel when you will be doing these things?

This feeling is what you truly desire, to be happy or complete.

The reason you would like to fulfill by having money or love in your life is actually your hearts desire.

When you realize your hearts desire nothing can stop you from reaching it.

You become a powerful magnet to your desires when it rises from your heart.

Then its simply a matter of understanding your hearts desires and the manifestation will happen by itself, not much effort is required then.

Know this for sure, if your working on your hearts desires you will become a force. If you are anything but a force of power then you are not working on your hearts desires. You might be confusing your minds wants to be your hearts desires.

To understand your hearts desires ask yourself:

  • What will I do when I have what I want?
    • The answer you get will get you closer your hearts desire. The answer you might get would be; I would like to do a, b and c when I have what I want.
  • Then the next question you must ask yourself is; How will I feel when I am doing a, b and c.
    • This feeling that you would feel when you are doing a, b or c is your hearts desire.

I thought its really simple to understand the hearts desire, but I realized that it wasn’t really easy to understand my hearts desires.

Most of us are so clouded by the thoughts in our mind that we barely can feel the connection to our heart. With meditation you can clear these clouds and feel better the connection to your heart.

Focus on your hearts desires, once you are clear about your hearts desires, it all starts happening automatically, you become a force and will be a powerful magnet to your desires.