Consciousness is the Foundation of Abundance and Prosperity

Understanding Consciousness is the key to a prosperous, abundant and fulfilling life.

What is consciousness? Simply, consciousness is the life within us that makes us alive.

How can we differentiate it from us, well we cannot, consciousness is a part of us, at a deeper level we are consciousness. At the outer levels we are mind and body but at the deepest levels we are purely consciousness, abundant and prosperous by nature.

Its the outer layers of mind and body that delude us from knowing our true nature of the abundant and complete self.

How can we understand Consciousness, we can understand consciousness by allowing the thoughts in our mind to settle and with an empty mind, beyond the thoughts in the silence you will experience consciousness.

Its like when in muddy water that has shaken up, once we let the mud to settle we can see the clarity of the water, similarly once we let the mud of our thoughts to settles we can experience the purity of ourselves.

Try this small experiment and experience it for yourself:

For just 1 minute, instead of reacting to your thoughts become an observer of your thoughts. Doesn’t matter what thoughts you get, do not react to them, just observe them and you will see that the thoughts slowly fade away.

When you are able to do this, you will see that you are not your thoughts, you are different from your thoughts, you are the one who is experiencing the thoughts, and not the thought itself.

You will experience that as the thoughts in your mind reduce, your consciousness rises, the quality of thoughts improves and you can much easily solve anything you want to with far far far lesser effort.

Here’s how this works:

We have 3 states of consciousness Waking State, Dream State and Deep Sleep State.The following table provides the vibration level for the each state of consciousness.

Waking State – Beta Brain Waves – 14 – 16 cycles per sec

Dream State – Alpha Brain Waves – 7 – 8 cycles per sec

Deep Sleep State – Delta Brain Wave – 4 – 6 cycles per sec.

The Universal Consciousness or the Divine vibrates at Theta (2 – 4 cycles per sec), the closer we get to this state of consciousness, higher our state of being.

During the waking state we have many thoughts in our mind which corresponds to 14-16 cycles per sec, when we are relaxed or are having a good dream the mind cycle reduces to 7 – 8 cycles per sec, in deep sleep when we are completely relaxed the mind cycle reduces to 4 – 6 cycles per sec.

As you reduce the number of thoughts in your mind and reach deeper levels of yourself you get closer to the divine or the universal source, hence you feel inner peace and calmness, the universe is in this state of vibration eternally, its the greatest source of pristine energy we have and we can tap into it as and when we want, its only a matter of clearing the mind and allowing consciousness to flow through your being.

The moment

In the present moment if you have to many thoughts in your mind then you are physically present but not mentally present in the moment, this leads to confusion and fear, but as you reduce the number of thoughts in your mind you will be more in the moment and will feel inner strength and courage.

When your mind is completely devoid of any unnecessary thoughts then you are completely in the present moment and your vibration will be the best state you can experience, and as you practice this, the state of your being and your consciousness will grow to fabulous bounds that you have never imagined before.

As you practice this state, you will find yourself far more effective and potent in anything you undertake, by the law of attraction, what you vibrate is what you manifest, then if you find yourself in this prosperous and abundant state, then what are you going to be manifesting as?

Meditation is great practice to feel this state of completeness and abundance, meditate for 10 – 20 minutes everyday, and you will find that your day goes through much better, you can meditate in the morning or the evening, and as you do so you will see that your consciousness raises and your awareness expands.