[Lesson 8] – Live in the Now

The Now is always the perfect state of being, being in the Now is possible only when you accept your situation today. When you don’t accept your current situation, then you are resisting the universe, that is a negative energy.

Light tomorrow with today! ~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

You might be in a tough situation but worrying doesn’t improve the situation in any way, it only worsens the situation.

Accept yourself and your current situation, this will empty your mind of all unnecessary negative thoughts,  this will give you peace of mind and increase your potentiality to see much better, what to do ? When you exactly know what to do, you will use lesser effort and yet will accomplish far more.

It is a normal tendency to go the other way too, i.e. to not accept your current situation and keep worrying about not having what you want. This takes us to energies of lack which will work towards taking you away from desires.

Suppose that you want to manifest being in a wonderful job and you are stuck in a difficult job. In this case you really want to get this new job, but if you keep worrying about how bad your current job is then you are focusing on the energies of lack, with your energy as lack and negativeness, you will only able to see lack of opportunities.

Accepting difficult situations shows the energy of strength and courage and once you are able to accept any tough situation you will feel stronger and see that the situation has become much easier.

When you accept yourself and your current circumstances, you give the mind no reason to think, without reason to think the mind is quite and you will be in the Now. In the NOW, you will observe tremendous energy in yourself and you will have the necessary Insight to get done, what you need to get done.

Insight is not what you think based on your experiences, it is INNER – SIGHT, from within, from your higher self. We will learn more about Insight in the next lesson Lesson 8: Insight and Taking Action

Being Open

As you work with the process of conscious creation, opportunities will rise towards receiving what you want. When these opportunities rise you must take action towards the manifestation. These opportunities will come to you in ways that you might not be able to imagine with usual thinking, hence its important to be open.

Being fixed to ones own ideologies will close yourself to opportunities that may come in ways that you have never experienced before, you may not be able to see all the opportunities if you are fixed to your own ideologies.

Openness needs to be cultivated, when you open yourself then you will see that the possibilities are limitless and as you take action towards these possibilities the process of manifestation becomes much faster.

Accept yourself, live in the NOW and be Open, this will enable you to see the opportunities that you must be able to see to make your goals a reality.