What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law which ensures that your reality is an outcome of your persistent thoughts, feelings and emotions.

A person is what he or she thinks about all day long. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The universe brings into your life conditions, people, events and circumstances in alignment with your thoughts, feelings and emotions


Change your thoughts, feelings and emotions you would be someone else in the manifested reality.

Use this principle to be anyone you would like to be!!!

The Law of Attraction in Day-to-Day Life

The three things we desire are Love, Health and Money; let’s see why is it hard to have some things and easy to have some.

Let’s take up an example to make this more interesting:

First, we are going to talk about someone who is in a tough situation and really needs to make money to take care of his needs, how would this person act towards making money?

He would be thinking, how am I going to pay my bills? How will I make any money? How will I pay my debts? Etc.

Based on this thinking his actions would be to, desperately look out for ways or means to make money, this person will try hard, but will not be successful to find any means to make any money.

In this persons case the Law of attraction works against her/him, this person will only find the ways or means that don’t make him any money, further more there’s a good possibility that this person my lose more money by way of cons with the promise of making some quick money.

Now, let’s talk about someone who is rich, how would this person act towards making money?

This person has a lot of money in his bank vaults; he is not worried about his bills.

He would easily see means to make more money with his existing revenue streams or setup new revenue streams; he would take action towards weeding out any hindrances in achieving his goals and would thereby make more money.

In this persons case the Law of attraction works in favor of this person, it will bring into his life people and conditions that easily help this person make more money.

Fulfilling Desires with the Law of Attraction

All of us have desires and we want to fulfill them, we try to achieve them, if we aren’t able to achieve them, we try harder and maybe we give up.

What is missing when you try so hard to achieve something but are still not able to?

The answer is MINDSET, a mindset has been created within each of us based on past experiences, past experiences that make us believe about ourselves as:

I am not lucky with money, I never fall in love, I am not good at business, I am so un-lucky, or as, Love comes to me easily, I make Money easily, I am lucky, etc.

These beliefs affect our every thought, feeling and action.

When we carry such limiting beliefs it’s often difficult to meet our goals.

And when we carry positive beliefs it’s much easier to meet our goals.

Attracting Money

If you have a pattern of money problems, your awareness is money is difficult to make, this will manifest yourself as a person who is unable to see the means to make money easily, and you will feel that money is difficult to make.

To change your situation you must believe “I easily make money for all my needs”.

Then you will see the conditions in your life slowly shift to the reality that you easily make enough money for all your needs.

Attracting Love

Similarly if you have had heart-breaks and heart-aches then, you will tend to think; love is not easy for me, or I don’t find love easily, or I am not luck with love.

To change your situation you must believe “I am loved by everyone in my life, I fall in love easily”.

Then you will see that the conditions in your life slowly shift to the reality that there is love around you and finding love for you is easy.

The Law of Attraction works whether you are conscious about it or not, if you are aware of the Law of Attraction you have the choice of aligning your thoughts, feelings and emotions with your goals. When you do so you will see that it’s truly much easier to achieve what you desire.

For e.g. if you want to lose weight but really find it boring and uninterested to hit the gym or go do some exercises. If you simply use an affirmation “I am fit, strong and healthy” and perform auto-suggestion regularly, you will soon see that you have the energy to hit the gym. In the gym too you will find the necessary energy to do all the exercises you probably thought earlier deemed to be impossible.

Furthermore the Law of Attraction will bring into your life people who you would like to meet up with when you are at the gym providing you with a reason to go to the gym and enjoy yourself.

Whether it is losing weight, or finding love, or making money, you will be able to achieve it only if you align your thoughts with your desire. When your thoughts are aligned with your desires the law of attraction will start creating the conditions for you to fulfill your desire.